Our Process

A Guided & Easy Process

LED Energy Solutions takes you through a process where we analyze the savings opportunities that exist for your business.

1. Energy Audit

We always start with an energy audit. By conducting an energy audit you will receive a report that lists all savings and improvements for your company. The report includes a detailed financial analysis and description for each recommendation. In this first phase we will also conduct a pre-installation walk-through where we identify which lights could be switched out to reduce your costs.

2. Savings Calculation

In the second step we will focus on your energy savings calculations. You can upgrade to LED lighting with minimal or no money out of your pocket. Environmental programs incentivize you to save energy while increasing your bottom line. In the end, the savings of converting to LED lights are greater than the re-payments, which helps put money back into your pocket.

3. Financing Approval

The next step is obtaining financing approval for your LED lighting project. We will go through a variety of options for you to choose from that will benefit you and your organization.

4. Signed Agreement

After we have found a great financing option for you, we will need you to sign an agreement to initiate the start of your LED lighting project.

5. LED Light Installation

After you sign our mutually agreed upon contract, you can count on us for completing our end of the deal. You can count on us for putting a solid plan in place for our installers to come out to implement your LED lighting project.

6. Lighting for Life

Congratulations! Your project is now completed. We look forward to our next energy saving project together.