Achieving net-zero carbon emissions is a complex process that requires a combination of strategies and technologies across different sectors. Here are some steps you can take to reach net-zero carbon through LED lighting, solar power, wind turbines, EV charging stations, and HVAC:

Overall, reaching net-zero carbon emissions requires a comprehensive approach that includes reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, and shifting to renewable energy sources. By implementing these strategies and technologies, you can make significant progress towards achieving net-zero carbon.

Get a Return on Your Investment through LED Lighting

When working with us, we can get you upgraded to brand new, LED Energy Efficient lighting with minimal or no money up-front. By utilizing green funding and on-bill financing programs, we can incentivize you as a business owner to save energy while increasing your bottom line. Since the savings of converting to LED are greater than the re-payments, you get new lights paid for by putting your LED light savings in your pocket.

LED Lightbulbs Used

$0 No out-of-pocket cost

The Savings Can Cover Payment

Positive ROI’s from Day One

No Upfront Maintenance Cost

I love my new LED state-of-the-art lights for my office building. We worked with LED Energy Solution and we found them especially helpful with the energy audit and the payback.

Josh Ramos Ramos and Ramos Personal Injury Attorneys

I am thrilled by the service we have gotten by Steve and LED Energy Solutions. They have been on top of everything from the start. They clearly communicated the benefits with LED lighting, and the retrofit process for our entire building. Productivity and employee moral has increased as a result of this process.

Jesse Kohler Kohler Awnings

The lighting comparison was very obvious when the install was half complete just how much cleaner and brighter the LED lights made the whole shop look.

Joe Farage Buffalo Design and Printing

Steve unlocked tremendous opportunities for us by showing us how we could benefit from LED lighting. Not only did we receive an incredible lighting solution that improved our workshop, we also have been able to save money on our electricity bill each month.

Paul Pici Santoro Signs

My electric consumption has been cut by nearly 90% after installing LED lights from LED Energy Solutions. Installation was so easy, each fixture was converted in less than 10 minutes and the light quality can’t be compared. These lights have transformed my shop!

Andrew Sippel

You want to save money on your energy expenses...but how?

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