How can you save money on your energy bills?

Save Money on Your Energy Bills


I am Steve Hotz, the founder of LED Energy Solutions.

I am on a mission to provide every business and organization LED lights that can reduce your energy costs, be environmentally friendly and – from day one – be cash-flow positive.

How is this possible? Today there are benefits for going green. There are incentive programs for you and energy companies where you can change your old bulbs and electrical lights to new more efficient LED lights. On top of that, LED Energy Solutions can put together additional funding options for you that will enable you to truly get the lights you want. Get started today and see how bright your future can be!



Our Core Values

At LED Energy Solutions we are guided by our core values and ensure they are reflected in both our practices and products.


We regard our customers, suppliers, and our team with dignity and the utmost respect.​


We demand of ourselves the highest standards of business ethics and professionalism.


We continuously advocate protecting, preserving, and improving the natural environment.​


We are committed to providing superior customer value by offering only the highest-quality products and services, and delivering the best results to our customers.​